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What if everyone on tumblr




wrote their URL on a dollar bill and went out and spent it. Then if you ever found a dollar bill youd go to that tumblr and tell them how far its traveled. What if people started relationships because of it? My mind is crazy this late at night sorry. But I say we all do it… Ill go spend my dollar tomorrow. 

gonna do this now lol

yeah I’m doing this

Free Stuff!!

Hello Everyone,

I decided that i am going to do reviews on free products that i get sent to me.  You might think that i will say all positive things about these products since i get them for free but i will give you my honest opinion.

I became a member of L’Oreal Consumer testing about a month or so ago.  It is a website by L’Oreal and you sign up to take surveys and test new products for them.  If you live in the state where there lab is, you can go in for lab testing if you are picked.  I live several states away so i choose home testing. I have not been qualified for any products tests yet but i have taken several surveys about myself.  For taking about five surveys I received a free gift in the mail.  You can either be compensated with money or products so its a win win kind of thing.

My free product was …

I am completely in love with this product!

I got this in the mail last week and was so surprised that it was full size.  This is originally $19.50 for 5.0 fl oz.  I have never tired this brand before but heard amazing reviews.

I have extremely oily skin.  I mean i wake up with a puddle of oil on my face no matter what.  I barely put on moisturizer due to my extra oil.  I have tried every drugstore brand there is and even thought of switching to Asian brands.  When i received this i was a bit nervous because i hate trying new things since my skin is very acne prone.

I am completely in love.  used it for a week and my skin is not oily but not dry.  It finally at a good balance and my pores are less noticeable as well.  I am never switching from this again.  I do you a different cleanser at night.  I use the Neutrogena natural cleanser with makeup remover to get everything off.

My next review will be the Cosmo Voxbox from Influenster!!






Every person who reblogs this will get a song title and a reason to listen to it put in their ask box



i promise

Oh man this person is in over their head.

6,750 notes, and I STILL GOT ONE

Bet you’re lying

47,255 and I got one! wow I wasn’t expecting that. 

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sometimes my twelve year old little sister will go on club penguin and trick a bunch of girls that she’s a guy and she’ll make them think they’re dating and then she’ll have them all meet her in the same place at the same time and watch them get into catfights about who’s boyfriend she is and thats how my little sister became a cross-dressing evil mastermind pimp on club penguin

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reblog and make a wish

this is my second time reblogging and my first wish came true so

i have to

I reblogged this a week ago, my wish came true 2 days ago, hopefully my wish will come true this time
why not

i did this a few days ago and it also came true, i was freaked out like fuck


here goes nothing

fingers crossed this mother fucker works…

Made a wish…
Baked last night and this morning. So tired. Now getting ready for school 😔
Completed. Messed up on my face 😐
Me: the twinkle twinkle..
Friend: Little star! how i w...
Friend: the fuck
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